Wesley Hollander: Multi-instrumentalist en entertainer

Wesley has music flowing through his veins. It is his greatest passion. Not just playing music or being on-stage, but he also enjoys the creative process within the music. Always looking for the next thing to learn about music makes him an ambitious member of Lachlan. The creativity resulted in his home-built instrument called a 'stompbox'. The deep bass-sound of the stompbox serves as a drum-like instrument and adds a kick to the Lachlan-rhythm.

Wesley, coming from a musical familiy, started young. At age 7 he took up guitar lessons for the first time. His mother played the clarinet and this also affected Wesley. He took up lessons from different teachers and joined a few orchestras. While enjoying the musical challenges, he found that he was better suited to music outside of the strict orchestra-regimes. He kept on playing wind-instruments and picked up the tin whistle as he invested himself in the irish & scottish folk music. The melodies from his various whistles complete the Lachlan-sound! Wesley sings, and also plays the Bodhrán, Harmonica and the Guitar within Lachlan.

Aside from being a competent and experienced folk musician, he's a real performer - making sure there's something to see as well as to hear on-stage. His versatility adds to the Lachlan concept of being a 'band-sized duo'.

Aside fropm Lachlan Wesley ocassionaly does solo-gigs as Celtic Folk Bard McHollander.
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