Marlies Janssens: Folk Musician and String Specialist

You'll find Marlies in her element when she has a guitar - or some other string instrument - round her neck and a mic in front of her, playing the music she loves with a passion. As a kid, there was always a song in her head and at the age of 12 she took up the guitar for the first time. Though autodidact, she went to seek out a guitar teacher (Berry Selles) later in order to develop her playing even further. She played in lots of bands, formations and played lots of styles - including a classic rock band, a rockabilly trio, a folk duo, and so on.

An allround musician she may be, she's got a passion for traditional and folk music. At a young age she was fascinated by American folk: from Bluegrass to Country-blues and from Pete Seeger to Bob Dylan.
Her playing style reflects this fascination and particularly flatpicking is typical for her style, a feat which can regularly be heard in the Lachlan-sound. Apart from guitar, Marlies plays the bouzouki and mandoline.

Already fascinated by Irish folk music, being in Lachlan turned that fascination into a real passion!

After 7 years, Lachlan is still a challenge and a loving part of her life. She craves the creative process of finding a song that fits and making it into a typical 'Lachlan-song', while still keeping an eye out for the diversity within the repertoire. The repertoire has to contain building blocks that can make both a matinée and a night at the pub a succesful gig. And it does.

Marlies also gigs as an American folk & country-folk singer Melody Jane - with and without her Ramblin' Boys!
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