Lachlan Irish & Scottish Folk Duo - Live Folk Musicians

Lachlan is the merry Irish & Scottish Folk Duo consisting of Marlies Janssens and Wesley Hollander. For 7 years, Lachlan has been a splendid addition to the atmosphere on a great variety of occassions. Using vocals, guitars, a bouzouki, tin whistles, a bodhran and a stompbox, Wesley and Marlies make a show on every stage. Or even without one.

Their repertoire is varied and has a bodied, rhythmical and identifiable sound. There's the regular irish pub songs, iris & scottish ballads, traditional songs and even a merry tune or two.

Lachlan started in 2005 as a duo that played in the Irish, but also the local pubs and quickly moved on to perform at all sorts of festivals, (private) party's and restaurants.
In 2009 there was a change of formation and Wesley Hollander entered the duo. Marlies and Wesley turned out to be a spectacular combination and got even wider recognition in the dutch folkscene. You simply have to have heard them live.

For questions or bookings please contact Lachlan through the contact-page.
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